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Curious about Hegg...

Hegg is a Singapore brand that offers delicious plant-based egg products that are healthy, sustainable, and inclusive. You can check out our products here!

Our products are manufactured in Singapore - our home sweet home.

Hegg's Eggless Egg

Yes, it contains quality protein like a chicken egg, just without the cholesterol, antibiotics and growth hormones.

Simply beacause it tastes great and you can use it for various cooking applications! 

Our Eggless Egg is made for everyone - be they vegan, vegetarian or just want to enjoy good food!

It contains high-quality protein but with 50% less calories, 93% less total fat and no cholesterol/antibiotics/growth hormones. 

You can check out our recipes here.

Our Eggless Egg's main protein source, canola, is a high-quality protein that comes from the plant’s defatted meal as it is turned into oil. In a simple term, the ingredients are rather sourced optimally than upcycled.

Our Eggless Egg has been carefully crafted without the use of any egg, soybean, dairy, wheat, crustacean, and nuts ingredients. While we take every precaution – such as ensuring rigorous cleaning and sanitation at the production facility, conducting allergen testing, and having clear labelling –  to make sure that the product is safe for consumption by individuals with allergies, we advise those with severe allergies to try a small amount first or consult with a healthcare professional before consuming the product.

Our Eggless Egg is made of high-quality, non-GMO canola protein.

Canola has a neutral taste profile, which means that the aftertaste is mild. This characteristic allows Hegg to offer versatility for various cooking applications

Sure! Hegg's Eggless Egg contains no cholesterol, no saturated fat and no trans fat! It also has 50% less calories and 93% less total fat compared to a medium-sized chicken egg.

1 year or more in ambient conditions, when kept in powder form!

Our Eggless Egg is for everyone of all ages. Individuals are to take note of their loved ones’ food sensitivity and ideal age to eat solid food.

The ingredients behind our Eggless Egg have no long-term side effects. Consumers are to eat all foods in moderation. 

Yes! Our Eggless Egg is gluten-free and soy-free too!

Yes! You can check out our recipes here.

We would recommend:

* 1:4 for baking

* 1:6 for frying

* 1:0 for steaming

You can check out our recipes here to find out more!

[Killiney x Hegg] Eggless Kaya

Simply because it's tasty and healthier! It has no cholesterol, 60% less saturated fat, no artificial sweeteners, and no added preservatives!

You can buy it on our website, as well as on RedMart and Lazada. You can also get it offline at Killiney Kopitiam - Lorong Telok.

Please contact for corporate/bulk orders.

Getting your hands on Hegg

You can buy our products here.

If you're interested in buying Hegg for your business, please contact us via email at

We'd love to meet with you to share more about Hegg! Simply fill up this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

You can simply substitute one chicken egg in your recipe with 10g of Hegg's Eggless Egg and 40ml of water.

If you're not sure, please drop us an email at You may also wish to check out our Partnerships page to find out how we are helping brands to join the plant-based movement!

Yes - you can pick up your order from the address indicated when you check out. Please collect the items within three days after you have placed the order.

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