Hegg is a versatile plant-based egg produced in Singapore.

Eggs hatched from plants.

Every meal is a chance.

At Hegg, we believe impact is not only for the big guns and governments.
Every meal, we make a choice to be kind to our bodies, the planet and animals.

We exist to help you do good, and we make it the easiest choice ever.

Seeing how a tiny egg can have massive impact on our health and the plant, we embarked on our journey to revolutionise the world’s favourite and most versatile ingredient - Eggs! With a little help from our AI friend named REGENESYS, Hegg was born.
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This is a vegan cupcake that is completely plant based, gluten-free and no cholesterol at all. Hegg is a plant-based egg that is good for vegan baking and eggless ingredients.
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Hegg is perfect to be used in vegan waffles, vegan omelettes, vegan desserts, plant-based cupcakes and plant-based cakes. Hegg is the best egg replacement option in Singapore.
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Made with the best ingredients and a sprinkle of science.

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