Hegg [Powder]

Hegg [Powder]

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This product comes with two packets of 50g pouches - which is equivalent to 10 chicken eggs. Free shipping islandwide for Singapore-based consumers!

Hegg is a plant-based egg (in powder form) that serves as a whole chicken egg alternative. It can be used for various cooking applications - baking, frying, steaming, you name it!


Hegg can last for more than 1 year at room temperature, and also offers health benefits such as:

✅ High-quality protein

✅ 50% less calories than a chicken egg

✅ 93% less total fat than a chicken egg

✅ No saturated fat and trans-fat

✅ No cholesterol

✅ Gluten-free, non-GMO

✅ No preservatives added


Grab yours today while stock lasts or contact our Sales team at hello@eathegg.com if you're keen to buy Hegg [Powder] for your business/in bulk!

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