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Discover Eggless Recipes

Making plant-based dishes are easy with Hegg! Scroll down to find out more

Preparing Hegg in three steps!

Step 1

For 1 egg, add 10g of Hegg to a bowl.

Step 2

Add 40ml of water/plant-based milk

Step 3

Mix well!


Hegg Japchae
Hegg Kimchi Jeon
Hegg Okonomiyaki
Hegg Tofu Hamburg
Hegg Pineapple Tarts
Hegg Brownies
Hegg Choux Puff
Hegg French Toast
Hegg Carrot Cake
Hegg Banana Muffins
Hegg Fried Rice
Hegg Crepes
Hegg Chawanmushi
Hegg Waffles
Hegg Omelette
Hegg Potato Croquettes

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