Hegg Chawanmushi

Serving size: 1




10g Hegg's Eggless Egg

102g Water

3.75g Vegetarian Stock Concentrate

0.4g Salt


Toppings (As Desired)


Shitake Mushrooms (Cubed)

Carrot (Thin Sliced)




1. In a bowl, combine the ingredients under "base" well.

2. Pass Chawanmushi mixture through a sieve.

3. Add desired toppings into glassware of choice and fill it with Chawanmushi mixture till 3/4 full.

4. Steam in the steamer till the center is set.**

5. Remove from steamer and serve.


 ** We found that the timing varies on the size of the containers. For a round based glassware with a wide opening containing 80g of the sieved mix, we steamed it for approx. 10mins