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What we're known for

Tasty, Healthier Choice

Hegg contains the high-quality protein, 50% less calories and 93% less total fat. It has NO saturated fat, trans-fat and cholesterol too!

Eggs don't last forever (sadly), which is why so many have to get thrown out due to oversupply. In Singapore, one merchant alone had to discard 250,000 eggs in 2020!

Good for the Planet

Hegg reduces water footprint and eliminates eggshell wastages - which stand at ± 30,000 kg daily in Singapore. We also support animal rights!

Hegg is a versatile plant-based egg that can last for 1+ year at room temperature

Versatility, Long Shelf-Life

Hegg can last for 1+ year and is kept ambient. You can also use it for various cooking applications such as baking, frying and steaming!

What others say about Hegg

Hegg Eggless Egg certainly seems to be the healthier alternative.

Harper's BAZAAR Singapore

Hegg Eggless Mayo is so so so so good. Really like Kew***!

Jo & Kin, Influencer (@outfookinhouse)

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