Hegg Cookies (Butter-Based)

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 Serving size: 8 large, thick cookies




115g Nuttelex

100g Brown sugar

67g Caster sugar

4g Vanilla essence

20g Cocoa powder

2.4g Baking soda

3g Salt

221g Cake flour

170g Chocolate Chips


Hegg Mixture

10g Hegg's Eggless Egg

40ml Water




1. Cream sugars with Nuttelex until creamy. Add vanilla essence and Hegg mixture.

2. Measure our dry ingredients (cocoa powder, baking soda, salt and cake flour) into a separate bowl and mix well.

3. Fold in dry ingredients into wet ingredients until a dough is formed. Fold in chocolate chips.

4. Wrap up dough and let chill for 1 hour.

5. Portion the dough (approx 90g each) and bake for 10-11mins at 180°c. (Timing provided is for a gooey centre)