Hegg is a plant-based egg, that is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and has egg allergies. Hegg is perfect for vegan waffles, vegan omelettes, vegan desserts, plant-based cupcakes and plant-based cakes.

Take a crack.
Serve up some Hegg.

We are simple. We are versatile. Most of all, we are so good. Give Hegg a go for your Business!

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You have power.

We truly believe every meal is a chance to do good.
For people, our planet, and animals.

And the awesome thing is as a business, you have a thousand
opportunities to make an impact, every single day
So let’s do this together.

What’s so good about Hegg?

(Aside from the fact that it’s so good)

Make an Impact

Every meal is a chance. Join Hegg in doing good for our planet and our animal friends!

See Hegg's impact on your health and the environment.

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Stay Relevant

Plant-based is the new in thing! We help you to stay relevant with yummy plant-based dishes.

See how you can put Hegg in your menu.

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Easy to add to your Menu

Hegg is super easy to use - 3 simple steps. Not only that, Hegg is easy to store for use too.

See Hegg in action!

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Make your menu even better!

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Psst... We are kind of famous too!