Hegg Mayo Medley Bundle

Hegg Mayo Medley Bundle

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The "Mayo medley" bundle brings you the best of both worlds. With Hegg's classic Eggless Mayo and new Eggless Japanese Curry Mayo, you can enjoy the creamy goodness and distinct flavours that will elevate your meals to gourmet status. 

Whether you're whipping up sandwiches, salads, sushi rolls, or dipping suaces, this bundle has got you covered! 

This bundle includes:

1. Hegg Eggless Mayo

Enjoy the umami taste of classic Japanese mayonnaise with cholesterol. This egg-free mayo is vegan-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free! It contains 55% less saturated fat compared to regular mayo and has no artificial preservatives & food colouring.

2. Hegg Eggless Japanese Curry Mayo

Experience the perfect harmony of rich, aromatic Japanese curry spices and the creamy goodness of Hegg's egg-free mayonnaise. Made using Halal-certified ingredients, this mayonnaise offers 50% less saturated fat compared to regular mayo.